Sunday, November 5, 2017

Roof Project

Roof update from Don

Last Monday began with a clamor of activity overhead as the replacement of the roof of the ministry building where we live commenced.  The building also houses a community storage area and living quarters for another family.  Removal went quickly but made quite a mess both inside and outside.

Demolition uncovered a family of opossums living in the roof.  They had quite a stash of mangoes accumulated.  The work also uncovered termite damage that needed to be treated before the new roof could be installed. So not only was the debris falling through the cracks in the ceiling, the linseed oil used to treat the wood was running down the walls. 

The work started with our front courtyard area.

They used the loader to haul the old roofing materials away.

Ryan is carefully removing the old roofing sheets.  The roof was so rotten that the sheets crumbled in many places.  There were also a couple accidents, one involving stitches.  Luckily we live next to a hospital

This is a view of the same area with the new roofing.  You can see the difference between the old and new.  As of right now we do not have the materials to complete the front half of the structure. 

We have raised $2000 of the $5000 needed to complete the project.  Follow the links if you would like to donate through the ministry's new and improved Facebook page or directly to paypal. Please include a note designating the funds for the roof project.  Thank you.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tooth and nail (and scalpel)

A quick update from a Don and a 'medical perspective'!!

Dr. Matt Hannan and his family have been coming down every six months to serve the dental needs of our patients.  This trip he brought a group of three hygienist/assistants with him.

With the extra help, Dr Hannan's was able to have three stations set up 
and see many more patients than previous trips. 

On Tuesday, we all made the trip to Chiminisjuan for normal clinic
and to provide some dental care for the patients there.

It had been raining for several days straight prior to our trek up the mountain.
Joe's jeep made it through the mud just fine. Lets just say I was a little late for work that day.

Thanks Dr Jack and Joseph for helping to dig me out!

 The patients at this remote clinic do not have access to dental care.
They were very appreciative for Dr. Hannan's work.

With the mud we were not able to have quite all the equipment we have would liked, including the chairs.

 Dr. Jack was able to utilize his dentistry skills as well.

 Last week, we ran to Guatemala city to pick up Caleb and Bethany coming back from ihopkc.  And to celebrate Hannah's Birthday!

When we got back, Dr Heidi flew up to Canilla and I traded places with her, working at Hospital Buen Samaritano (Good Samaritan) in Chichicastenango for a few days.

 The airplane doesn't quite go all the way to Chichi, so I had to hop a micro-bus for the last half hour of the trip.  It was very cultural but not all that comfortable.

 In Chichi, I acted as first assist for Dr. Tom Hoak.  Dr. Hoak has been working at Buen Samaritano for many years.  He is the surgeon who performed the surgeries in Canilla this last summer.

 I love being in the OR.  You can't tell but I am smiling under the mask!


We fixed a lot of hernias and removed several gallbladder as well as some other fun stuff.  All the families, every single one, wanted to see what was removed from their family members.

Here is a gallbladder full of little green stones that was taken out after surgery to show the family. 

 I was exhausted after just a couple of days in the OR.  It was surprising how physically draining it was.  I was so appreciative to be able to worship Saturday night when I got home. 

"In the shadow of Your tent, there I am blessed.
In the cover of your wings, there I will rest."

Worshiping that night, I was really struck by how faithful God is.  In the midst of our busyness, in the midst of all the need around us, He is faithful.  I was filled with thankfulness for the opportunity to serve here in Guatemala in all these different ways.  I was filled with thankfulness for the Lord's blessing, for His protection as we serve, for His rest.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Goings and Comings

**NOTE:  Thank you to all of you who have responded to our 'roof project'!  If you don't know what I am referring to and would like to, 
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Hard to go anywhere without a bridge but we had to get to widows!!

The bridge is almost completed but until then here is where we cross the river. 

Last Tuesday the medical people had to wait for a truck stuck in the river to get pulled out.  Some of you may recognize the tractor and the people on it!  

David took him back the way that he came.

The pedestrian walkway is still under construction in this picture but currently they are letting people walk across.

After crossing the river and driving as far as we could, we had to walk to widows again this month.  We were a little bit late but they always wait for us!

We finished the story of Elijah and the widow with the miracle of how the Lord healed the widow's son.  Most were pretty interested and listening intently . . .

A couple took advantage of sitting to 'rest their eyes'! They walk much further to widows then we do.  I don't blame them for wanting to catch a couple Z's!!

We have a dentist arriving in early October so Mica was asking who needed to see him.  Pretty much everyone!  The cutest was the little lady who only has about 3 teeth!  

Mica and Manuela have made a board to organize the different communities that we are inviting to come see the dentist.  We are talking of 'busing' people in from the more remote villages around us.  We will go to one of these villages tomorrow to officially talk with the community leaders and invite the people.  We are praying for open doors to these communities that have been very closed in the past.  In the future, we would like to add a remote clinic to some of these places to give them access to medical care and to share Jesus with them.  Please pray with us for softening of hearts.

We celebrated Flor's last day of helping in clinic until after her baby is born.  The girls threw her a baby shower complete with games, presents and food!

I had to play the part of "Mis PaƱales"(diapers) for the 'beauty pageant'! 
Here I am taking my bow after they crowned me 'Mis Baby Shower'. Only for these sweet girls will I do this EVERY time there is a baby shower!! ;)  Not a lot more fun than making them laugh!

Thanks for reading! We so appreciate your encouragement, support and prayers!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Surgical Jornada!

A day of firsts!  Our OR was in use for the entire day last Saturday!  This day was many weeks in the planning.  Leslie, our Guatemala nurses as well as many others had been preparing, training, stocking, practicing, cleaning, sterilizing and discussing for a LONG time prior to the big day!  

A couple of our nurses traveled to Chichicastenango for a week to train in the OR with Dr. Heidi Bell at the end of July.  

Although all of that preparation had gone into the day, most of us were still nervous and anxious that morning!  So the best plan was to start in prayer!

We gathered in the Prayer Room at 7 am.  Our circle of people filled the room and included our 'regular' hospital personnel as well as several volunteer medical professionals who came just for the big day.  Also in the room, were our family and several of our musicians!  We had decided to complement the surgeries with a full day of prayer and worship sets.  As soon as the prayer ended, our first set began and our medical providers went to prepare their patients.

Here are some of the action shots!

Micaela and Everaldo, our 'Chichi-trained' nurses, preparing for the next case.

Flor, Manuela and Everaldo looking snappy in their OR garb!

Micaela and Flor getting their table ready for the next one!

Mayra in the recovery room with our 2nd patient.

Micaela comforting our youngest patient.

The last case finished as our final worship set came to a close. 

The day was good!  And peace-filled!  The Lord was present and His hand was on all who were participating in the many pieces that made the day a success!  
We are so blessed!  

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Widows and Interns

We took the interns with us to the widows' project a couple weeks ago.  The translators found out that it was our anniversary so they gathered some flowers and wanted Don to give them to me while they took pictures! They asked if I would marry him again!  Of course, I said 'yes'!!

 We were a little bit late because we had to hike part of the way.  The rains make the road impossible and we didn't want to chance getting stuck.  The widows were waiting for us when we arrive!

The interns helped us staple the widows' information in their baskets, gave out the money and helped to pack all of the baskets up.  We will typically leave the baskets at the clinic building during the rainy season because of the hike to the truck.  The interns were all up for carrying a bag of baskets on the hike so we were able to take the majority of them back with us.

 The interns have been observing and helping in clinics during their time here.  This picture was taken on the way to clinic in San Andres.

Jacob and Ruth interacting with the patients in Chiminisijuan.

The interns have also been participating in our worship sets.  Ruth and Garrison have been sharing their beautiful voices with us.  Jacob has been learning how to work the sound board and Hannah has been our prayer leader on one of our intercession sets.

One night after our community worship, they all decided to just 'jam' for a couple hours.  Love that this is what they choose to do on a Saturday night!

Garrison leaves us tomorrow.  He has been such a awesome intern and a joy to have with us.  We are going to miss him and are praying for the time when the Lord calls him back!! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Interns and Xrays

Our interns survived language school and have now joined us in Canilla!!  

We are so excited to have them here!  The rains have been really consistent for the past couple weeks so they had the privilege of hiking it to clinic in Chiminisijuan last Tuesday.

We are excited to get to know them better as they settle into life here for the next couple months!  

If you read our latest newsletter, you know that we have been blessed with some help for our xray room and equipment.  If you want to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, go here!

A radiologist from the States teaching how to develop the film.


An xray on an actual patient!!

Because of the cost of the developing chemicals, Don is really praying that we could switch to a digital system.  It would help facilitate a remote consultation as well as save money in the long run!  Regardless it is such a blessing to have this capability in our facility.  

One amazing step at a time as the Lord leads us forward!!