Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Widows' Christmas Party

We had our annual Christmas party for the widows last Monday.  We use the donations from the baskets to fund their monthly food as well as special gifts for their Christmas party.  

This year we put together a "Caja Básica" for each of them which just means that we put all sorts of practical items in a box and wrapped it.  The box had laundry soap, sugar, coffee, typical consomme, a plate & cup set, and some treats like a small mirror, marshmallows and lotion.  The nurses/translators also planned some food and games for the party.  It is so fun to bless these women with this annual event. 

We moved the party inside because it had been raining all morning.  It is the dry season so it was kind of weird weather for December.

It made the roads a little interesting as well! 

We began with buying their baskets.  This is their financial provision for the next month so it is important that we don't forget this part of the gathering. 

All 16 widows plus kids and grand kids were in attendance!

Next was the Christmas story.  Then we prayed in Quiche, Spanish and English.  We thanked the Lord for the gift of His son.  We prayed for the Lord to be glorified in all of the activities.  We prayed for the ladies and their families - that He would be their provision.

Then the games!  The prizes for the winner (and for all participants) were the packages of rice from the Orphan Grain Train.  More provision for them and their families. 

They were a little confused by musical chairs at first . . . 

But they figured it out!

Time for food!

And traditional Christmas fruit punch!

And presents! 

One of the widows came to me after she had finished eating.  She had a present for me!  It was many ears of corn that she had cooked.  She also took out her audio Bible that she had received a couple of months ago.  She turned it on for me and told me that she listens to it all day and all night.  She was so appreciative and blessed by this gift and wanted to give back.  It was so sweet to see her heart!

Many of the widows walk a great distance to get to our clinic building.  Often on the way out, we will give some of them rides until our path takes a different turn.  We gave several of them rides this last Monday.  

The first sweet lady to be let out brought her granddaughter to help her carry her gift.  The granddaughter jumped out of the back of the truck.  Don and I got out to help this older lady out.  Don touched her to help her down and it embarrassed her a little.  She got down and giggled with her hand covering her mouth!  I giggled with her and then she wanted a hug.  Not just the Guatemalan 'pat pat pat on the arm' but a full-fledged hug.  So sweet!

The second family to get out was the lady who gave me the gift of the corn.  I got out to say good-bye.  She again thanked me many, many times.  And then she pointed to all of those with her and said 'this is all of my family.'  I told her they were beautiful.  She also wanted a full-fledged hug and then her son (or grandson?) came up to me and wanted a hug as well.  I grabbed him tight and picked him up!  More smiles and giggles!

Being a part of this program is such a blessing to my heart.  These ladies do not have options for earning money in this country.  They have either been abandoned by their husbands for other women or their husbands have passed away.  Women in our area have very little opportunities, in general, but especially if you can't speak Spanish and are uneducated.  They rely on making these baskets for their monthly provision for their family.  Many of these women walk a great distance and take away less than $10 for the month.  

God's word tells us to defend and fight for the widows. He tell us that He is their Protector.  

"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows " James 1:27. 

Thank you to all of you who have supported this project by your donations for the baskets.  Even if you have never been to Guatemala or met any of these sweet ladies, you have blessed them with your generosity! The Lord has touched them through you!  Thank you!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Catching up!

Yes, we completely missed posting in September and, as today is the 30th, almost missed October as well!!  Here is a quick photo update of what has been happening here over the past two months!!

Dr. Ellen visited us in mid-September.  She was a delight to have here and we are looking forward to when she returns!

We were given a huge load of a supplemented rice food product to hand out at our clinics.  We also took a huge load to the children's home in San Andres.

A team from Virginia came at the end of the month.  They put together a stove for one of our widows, shared in clinics and left behind some small solar-powered Bibles in Quiche. We gifted the Bible at our last widows project.  Sign up for our newsletter here to read and see more pictures!

In between the visitors, school continued with a worm dissection and further Driver's Ed training!


Hannah turned 17 and got a new kitty!!  

We had our 3rd surgical weekend in October.  We started and ended the day with prayer and worship. Find Adonai International Ministries on Facebook to see more photos!

We also had the Hannan family here for a week.  Such a blessing to have a dentist in clinic!

All of our visitors to the ministry in November are family!  
We are super excited!  

Now you are all caught up!  Thanks for making it this far!  We are so blessed and overwhelmed at all that the Lord is doing in this place.  May He continue to move and draw us all deeper to Him. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Encouragement From Home!

There is a connection that exists even when you have never met a person but find out that they are from your city, state, church or whatever.  There is also such a deep need met when you know that there are people who are standing with you.  

These were the emotions flowing last week as we hosted a team from Lifegate Church.  Pastor Connie brought us an incredible team of 7 of which we only knew her but from the moment that they arrived, we knew we were with our 'people'!!  They served, ministered, encouraged and blessed!

They hit the ground running at our Chiminisijuan clinic!  Tess made her famous 'triangle necklaces' out of balloons!  Some of the team played soccer and a few observed the ultrasounds of our pre-natal patients.  Their interaction with the people was such a blessing and brought out many smiles from the kids and adults waiting to be seen!


Alex helping with prenatals.

Our new friend, Hilary, joined right in with the team.  It was a joy to meet her and get a peek at her heart!  We look forward to seeing more of her!

Day 2:  Go build a stove for a widow that uses an open fire in her house for cooking.  And by the way, you will have to drive on muddy roads and hike to her house while carrying some very heavy materials!  And they did!  The widow's son was so appreciative that he called that night to thank them again for the gift of the stove and for taking care of his mom.! 

Everyone in!!

For all of your hard work, we are going to take you to our favorite restaurants!!  Dobladas made better by the 'ambiance' and plastic stools!  It is really all about the people that are with you!

Gringas!  We filled the entire place with English and laughter!

Sharing before clinic started - English to Spanish to Quiche!  

We worshiped the Lord together!

In Spanish ... 

... and in English!

Between game nights, staring contests, pool tournaments and consuming a lot of food, our hearts were full and our souls refreshed by the fellowship!

Thank you Lifegate team for bringing a little bit of home to our home! Praying for all that the Lord did in you, in us and in the Guatemalans that were touched by your time here! You blessed us! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

His Sufficiency!

"Are you musical too?" is the question we get from many of our visitors as our four kids are putting away their instruments.  "Um, no, I mean we really like music.  I played the french horn in junior high. Don tried the guitar out for a bit when he was younger. . . "  

Really, we got nothing.  We can take no credit.  This is the Lord's.  All of it.  The provision of a violin for Hannah and visitors that drum to teach Samuel.  The heart to worship and honor the Lord.  The desire for vocal lessons.  The impossibilities of living here yet the opportunities to teach which in turn causes the teacher to learn.  The sufficiency of the Lord to fulfill the desires on their hearts.

And it is not just with music.  His sufficiency is so clearly evident in many areas of our life here. 

And yet, why is it so hard to remember sometimes? 

Why do we doubt when the struggle increases? 

We need to remember.  We need to testify to His faithfulness.  We need to share His stories. 

We are preparing for a Lifegate team to arrive in a couple weeks.  As Caleb and I work on their schedule, we are squeezing in times for all of us that live here long-term to share what the Lord has done.  The teams think that this time is for them but really it is for our hearts. 

The challenge is to be current with what the Lord is doing.  We usually start with the history.  His faithfulness as we waited for His timing to step into this adventure long-term.  His provision as we traveled through Mexico with an overloaded camper.  His perfectly timed arrival of the exact amount that we needed. 

But how has the Lord moved lately?  What are the recent prayer requests that He has answered in His amazing, miraculous way? 

Because if He isn't still answering then did we stop asking?  Did we somehow start relying on our own strength?

What "good and perfect gift" have we received lately?

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

Where has our 'lack' in a situation been met by His power?

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me." 2 Corin. 12:9

When did He provide for not just our needs but also our desires?

"You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing" Psalm 145:16

As I sit with my oldest and discuss the future, with the tears flowing, there is doubt and fear.  No place to live, no mattress even if there was, not enough for the monthly expenses let alone tuition.  "Is this the right decision?" 

I am not sufficient to meet his needs.  I can't give him the 'extra mattress' from our spare room.  I won't be there to help him set up house wherever that ends up being.  Oh, Lord, help. 

But this isn't what I speak out loud.

"Did the Lord lead you here?"  "Does your heart stir at the idea of becoming a better worship leader, at the idea of sitting at His feet, at learning how to be excellent musically?"  "Has He provided for you in the past?"  "Do you trust Him to do it again?"

Questions for him or me?  Well, all except the 'worship leader' one - no one is ready for me to pick up the microphone!

So we sit in our weakness, trusting that His power is perfect.  Trusting in His faithfulness.  And we are asking, expectant that He will answer.  He is good.  He is worthy.  He is sufficient. 

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth. 
Psalm 121:1-2

Thursday, June 28, 2018


The interns completed their two weeks of language school in Antigua and arrived in Canilla on Saturday, June 9th.  We are almost at the end of their third week with us!  

Last Sunday, we took them to a wedding of a nurse that used to work with us.  It was a very cultural experience filled with lots of people, loud music, typical food, chaos and Spanish!!

The bride was beautiful and the kids could not get close enough!!

There were a total of 5 gringos in attendance (us four and a nun that works in San Andres) among the over 300 people in attendance.  We might have stuck out a little bit from the crowd!!
This beautiful row of Guatemalan young ladies all work with us in Canillá. 

The interns have started a couple classes for the missionary kids here - choir and sports/PE.  They are also helping with science and teaching English to our nurses.  

Evenings of games and fellowship!

Lots of time spent in clinic!

Baking class with Bethany and Hannah!

They also attend a book discussion with Don as well as all of our prayer/worship sets.  They are super busy and the time is flying by!  We are super blessed to have them here and have really enjoyed getting to know them.  

Please continue to pray for their remaining weeks.  May the Lord touch their hearts and draw them deeper into Him.